• Famous for first-class strings since 1956
  • Steel core string wound with thin filaments of pure or alloyed metal
  • Warm, brilliant tone and long life
  • "Classic" Series - standard strings
  • "Special" Series has 0.01 mm thicker A+D strings
  • "Superior" Series is 0.02 mm thicker than "Special"
  • "Silver Sound" Series has G and C strings made of a highly flexible steel core with a top coil of pure silver
  • A "Special"
  • String tensions: dolce 0,75mm, medium 0,76mm, forte 0,77mm
Art.-No. Description RRP
638.884 Dolce 34.70 EUR
638.885 Medium 34.70 EUR
638.886 Forte 34.70 EUR

All prices incl. VAT

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